Evalines Fiddle: An Early-American Love Story Suellen Ocean




171 pages


Evalines Fiddle: An Early-American Love Story  by  Suellen Ocean

Evalines Fiddle: An Early-American Love Story by Suellen Ocean
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An Early-American Love Story...Wishing she could accompany Evaline on the journey, a young girl, Missy, scratches her name and address on the back of her fiddle, hoping she will at least write to her. But the wicked, little dour Missy is out to betray Evaline and out for the one thing she loves the most, the handsome Dutch-Indian, Winterwolf.

Will Evaline return to Winterwolf or will her heart be taken by one of many lusty men with too few women in the New World? Will Winterwolf be spoiled by beautiful doting Dutch girls who want his love as much or more than Evaline? Is his love for Evaline and that they share similar backgrounds, enough for him to return? What if he finds Evaline and she has her own new love?Nothing feels better than awakening in Winterwolfs gentle arms.

It was her first kiss but it will not be her last. Nothing will stop her from arriving in New Orleans, not Winterwolf nor Frederick nor any other man whose arms she finds herself in. She will fulfill her dream of reaching New Orleans, even if she has to play her fiddle all the way to pay for it. But are there too many handsome young men waiting to take advantage of her and she of their infatuation with her?

Whats in the future for a beautiful French-Acadian girl, raised amongst French aristocrats but now out on her own traveling down the Atlantic coast toward New Orleans?

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