Unheeding Seasons Ramesh Joshi



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Unheeding Seasons  by  Ramesh Joshi

Unheeding Seasons by Ramesh Joshi
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*****************************************************************************Bringing new Hindi literature worth your time, to the internet reader.For larger sample and details, visit: http://thinkingheartsonline.comRead other wonderful books by the same author, that make you laugh and cry and think. Click on the Author Name next to the Title above, to see other books by the Author.*****************************************************************************Author Blog: http://jhoothasach.blogspot.comAuthor Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JhoothaSachAuthor of - Karze Ke Thaath, Raam Dhun, Raaste Mein Ataki Uplabdhiyaan, Pitaa, My Letters To George Bush, Begaane Mausam.

More titles coming soon.*****************************************************************************This book is an amazing account of the last 4 decades of social changes, by retired Hindi teacher and vice-principal Kendriya Vidyalaya, in the form of ghazals and poems. The poet observes and laments the social, economic, political issues at whose heart are changing values which find no place for human-ness in the fray of consumerism.[ Ramesh Joshi has taught in Porbandar, and Kendriya Vidyalayas of Rajkot, Khetri Nagar, Jaipur, Port Blair, Delhi Cantt.]The simple and little things that can give joy are lost somewhere in the new rat-race of corporate craze, multinational companies and enormous scandals and scams whose sizes were unimaginable.It doesnt take much to be happy, and it doesnt take much to create misery either!The power of word is evident when very deep thoughts and emotions are expressed in very short lines (the meter is short, chhoTi bahar), using very simple words.- Worker is a bonded laborer, still- even though the market is free- Their shadow falls ever-where, even grass stops growing there.- Crouching, with chin on knees, still the quilt was a bit shortFor example,unkA sAyA jahA.n jahA.n partinakA tak nA ugA wahA.n par |--gardan, Ankhe.n, kamar jhuk gayee.njo bhee ho AyA darabAr |--kitane seedhe-sAde tumbachapan ke se vAde tum |--chhup kar log machAno.n me.nchhodein teer dhalAno.n me.n |

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