Las horas que preceden al alba Celia Fremlin




Las horas que preceden al alba  by  Celia Fremlin

Las horas que preceden al alba by Celia Fremlin
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This is one of those books that I want to rave about and force everyone to read. It was Fremlins first novel, and its not difficult to see why it won an Edgar Allan Poe award for Best Crime Novel. Its a psychological thriller concerning a very ordinary housewife, Louise Henderson. She is the harassed mother of two active girls and a baby who cries all night. Her husband, Mark, is not a bad person, but he is clueless about the stress placed on Louise by the grinding drudgery of her days, and the effect that sleep deprivation is having on her.

Anyone whos had a child will appreciate that the grinding tiredness caused by a fractious, sleepless baby is a very particular kind of torture. Fremlin describes all this with an acute eye, but also with a great deal of wry humour that makes the reader love Louise.The Hendersons decide to rent out their spare room.

Their lodger, Miss Brandon - a schoolteacher in her forties - seems, at first, ideal. Nevertheless, Louise feels uneasy about her - both she and Mark feel theyve seen her somewhere before, but cant quite remember where or when.I read this book in one day - it was almost impossible to put down. Its beautifully written and plotted, the suspense building to a horrific climax. Thoroughly recommended. [September 2007]

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