Silla de Plata C.S. Lewis

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Silla de Plata  by  C.S. Lewis

Silla de Plata by C.S. Lewis
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This was written in the 50s.This was written in the 50s.This was written in the 50s.I have to keep reminding myself of that fact, because it is becoming increasingly difficult NOT to read this series with 21st century eyes. For the most part, I can do it, but I have my limits.I first realized these limits when I read The Horse and His Boy. Christian references I can accept. Christian references used to demonize non-Christians I can not accept. Though not as blunt as The Horse and His Boy, in which the Calormenes are clearly representative of those evil, evil Arabs, The Silver Chair gets dangerously close to my limits with its commentary on secular schools.

Since Bibles are discouraged and the kids are forced to refer to each other by last name instead of by their Christian names, the school is in chaos and its officials are corrupt — until, of course, Aslan shows up to frighten the school into submission. Give me a break.The ever-present male superiority in this series...

I can also accept. Begrudgingly. But in this book it seems Lewis goes out of his way to demean women. This is the first book (chronologically) not featuring Lucy, the redeeming strong female character. Instead, we get Jill. And lets face it, Jills a wimp. But then my hope was restored when the protagonists met the Lady of the Green Kirtle! Strong, independent, queen of the underground! I could hardly believe it when the knight said he planned to marry the queen and still obey her!

Rejoice!I should have known it was too good to be true. A disgusted Jill replies, Where I come from, they dont think much of men who are bossed about by their wives.And that powerful, independent queen?Turns out shes an evil witch hellbent on overthrowing Narnia.One good thing about this books being written in the 50s: an opportunity to truly appreciate the English language and how much it has changed over the years.Gay, said Puddleglum with a deep sigh. Thats what weve got to be. Gay... You must watch me and do as I do. Ill be gay. Like this...All right.

Gays the word, said Scrubb. Now, if we could only get someone to open this door. While were fooling about and being gay, weve got to find out all we can about this castle.

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